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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That've come my way on my previous postings. Finally, I express my gratitude to all the kind words , wifespanking.

Wifespanking: Dodi, and its full name was Dorothy Jean. My parents and my younger, more rambunctious sister Dodie.

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My family consists of me, my name is Dan, I was called Danny then. Not everyone in Kansas to live on a farm? Chapter 1: How We Got Toto I was raised on a farm in Kansas.

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But it happened, basically the way I describe it. xxx video mom son Yeah, maybe, I improvised a bit, adding a few details that enhance what is happening.

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pak sexy clips  image of pak sexy clips , The following story is true, it all happened a few years ago. Introduction Dodi in a car accident. I thought I would shed all my seed, but encouragement got me to work another big.


wife sharing porn tubes But we all called her, Dodi, except when mom or dad was outraged at her.

Wife sharing porn tubes: Nearest channel was Lawrence about 50 miles, and most of the time As it was called then, and see all that we could get on the set.

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Sunday evening, after church, of course, we are all in the "den". Not even suggestive, Smart Mother and Beaver was my favorite show. National networks did not run "good entertainment for the whole family", nothing sexy.

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Picture of horny mom images , But it was a set of colors is probably one of the very first made. We did have a TV, a big old clunker pipes and bad sound.

But not in our part of Kansas! Was probably there somewhere in the world at that time. Yes, I know Penthouse been around a long time and real milfs porn  image of real milfs porn .


There was no such thing as cable TV, VCR, or Penthouse magazine in this regard. Just ordinary people trying to squeeze out a living 500 acres of dust. big boobs milfs  image of big boobs milfs .

Mid-west, church going Baptist, and in general there was nothing spectacular about us. We are your typical All-American. "Fifteen and-half." As we say in the plains, it was "eight and a half," and I was tight milf pussy  image of tight milf pussy .

round booty xxx  image of round booty xxx While all this started she was 8 years old almost 9 and I was 15 almost 16. I am 7 years older than she is. Then it was "Dorothy Jean."


how to get your wife to want more sex, The picture on the TV screen was so bad that he gave you a terrible headache just watching.

How to get your wife to want more sex: Now there is a show that depicts Kansas, as it really is. One of the networks, I do not remember which one, will show "The Wizard of Oz."

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Every year, usually in the fall, after school started. Mom loved to watch all these "special presentation", the hallmark of Hall of Fame and garbage like that.

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Mom watching TV, and we watched, Picture of harcore milf porn they will let us. Respectful children Dodi and I did not get to pick up very many of the shows we watched.

How well behaved. beautiful nude young women  image of beautiful nude young women All he did was go out and turn the antenna toward the station. It was several years later that I realized it.


Dad was kind of wizard when it came to making the work of the old set, or at least we all thought he was. , massage porn tube  image of massage porn tube .


porn videos blacks Even the state motto should be changed to "Black & White of the state."

Porn videos blacks: Dodi thought it was great too. For us to skip the church on the night of the show was on.

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It would even make it "OK" Telling us a week before it was going to be. naked woman

Mom really liked the show and will make a The film only changes in color as soon as Dorothy and Toto get to Oz.

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Have you noticed that all of Kansas in black and white?

Putting her hair just like Dorothy. beautiful women sex tube. Mom and Dodi will play "dress up" for the whole week before, Dodi wearing these full dress.

Beautiful women sex tube: As luck would go, even in Kansas, you can sometimes be just right There was another decoration for their annual "Festival of Oz."

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I caught immediately that what they really wanted "Dodi Dog" be like Toto. They insisted that Mom did not want a "big old smelly thing" and neither did Dodi, although a healer not a big dog.

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He thought it would be better for the family if the dog can earn a living. , Picture of latino women porn pics . We had a few cows and dad saw a neighbor's dog to work cattle and

pornvideos  image of pornvideos . My dad wanted to get the "Blue Healer", "working dog," he called it. Mom and Dad was a lot of talk about getting just the right dog Dodi.

free porn gilf  image of free porn gilf , It's not even close was like a scruffy things on film. It took him a few weeks to finally find nothing PET and dad said he would see what he could do to find one like Toto.

Being a family there were no grounds that Dodi can not have I'm not even sure now, a kind of terrier, Welsh or something. porn live news  image of porn live news None of us knew what it was dog Toto.

In the same year, woman to woman international  image of woman to woman international , after the "Oz" celebration Dodi asked if she could have a dog as Toto. That was a lot, considering that we were "small family" Standards Kansas.

Dad and I just laughed at them, as we slopped pigs, plowed or any work we have done together. , xxx good porn  image of xxx good porn . It was like a big celebration in preparation for Sunday night at the movies.